About Us

The ASE Technology Group brings together 11 companies with various engineering profiles. 
We are actively involved in the energy transformation in the country and abroad. We are a manufacturer of our own energy storage, we design offshore wind farms and the most technologically advanced hydrogen installations.  
We provide comprehensive services to most industries, from environmental tests, through building permits, projects to safety audits and explosion protection in explosion hazard zones.  

Camino Project

Support and design

We are a company operating on the Polish market for over 6 years. Our main activity is the area of design and performing the function of Contract Engineer, Supervision Inspector and support for Investors in investment processes. So far, we have focused on cooperation in the above areas within the ASE Group, for which we have been an important support in the implemented projects.

As part of dedicated teams for the implementation of joint projects, we provided experienced employees with extensive knowledge of processes. We have always focused on the high quality of our services, supported by many years of experience of our employees and associates.

We are open to cooperation in the areas of design and investment supervision. Supporting the experience and resources of the ASE Group, we will perform the most complex tasks for you.


Contact details:

ul. Narwicka 6, 80-557 Gdańsk


NIP 957-108-18-12