About Us

ASE Technology Group

The mission of companies associated in the ASE TECHNOLOGY GROUP is to provide secure technologies and solutions for industry and economic infrastructure.


The ASE Technology Group formed as a result of many years of engineering development of Automatic Systems Engineering illustrates the development and specialization of the Polish industry, and provides unique opportunities for the implementation of industrial facilities.


As the parent company of the ASE Automatic Systems Engineering Technology Group, it has specialized in providing comprehensive solutions for safe technologies for industry and infrastructure for almost 30 years.

We specialize in the implementation and integrated solutions at the highest global level based on our own know-how, as well as based on the products of reputable global suppliers and in the field of providing knowledge and competences, performing expert work and technical consulting.


A specialized BIPRORAF design office that has been part of the ASE Technology Group since 2011 is a development of such a structure. The office comprehensively carries out multi-branch projects and various types of studies for the chemical, refining, petrochemical, gas, energy and other industries. The BIPRORAF office is prepared for comprehensive implementation of facilities in the GRI formula.

In 2015, another specialist design office PROJMORS joined the ASE Technology Group with a globally recognized brand in the field of maritime infrastructure design. Our knowledge and experience resulting from the implementation of hundreds of facilities, often of key importance for individual regions and countries, represent great potential for implementing large infrastructure projects.


EKO-KONSULT has been operating within the Group since 2018. Over 25 years of experience in consulting in the field of environmental protection, including: handling and preparation of investment processes, documentation for environmental impact assessment procedures.

The resources of knowledge and experience as well as the design and implementation possibilities of the ASE TECHNOLOGICAL GROUP entities place it among the market leaders undertaking the most advanced and specialized investment tasks for the Polish, European and global industry.