About Us

The mission of companies associated in the ASE TECHNOLOGY GROUP is to provide secure technologies and solutions for industry and economic infrastructure.


The ASE Technology Group formed as a result of many years of engineering development of Automatic Systems Engineering illustrates the development and specialization of the Polish industry, and provides unique opportunities for the implementation of industrial facilities.


As the parent company of the ASE Automatic Systems Engineering Technology Group, it has specialized in providing comprehensive solutions for safe technologies for industry and infrastructure for almost 30 years.


Branch in Tanzania

ASE EAST AFRICA Ltd. was founded to undertake and implement projects related to the mining, fuel and gas industries on the East African market. ASE East Africa belongs to the Polish ASE Technology Group of engineering companies managed and owned by Automatic Systems Engineering Ltd.


We offer our clients comprehensive technological solutions, ranging from security analysis (including ATEX audit, HAZOP, SIL and others) and project feasibility studies, through the design and implementation of facilities and turnkey installations, author and investor supervision, construction services and maintenance and technical support. We organize and conduct specialized trainings in the field of ATEX, IECEx and Safety Management.


Our goal is to spread knowledge in the field of explosion and fire safety, provide entrepreneurs with competent support and maintain an appropriate level of safety in their plants.


ASE EAST AFRICA was created to provide marine and civil engineering services to selected East African clients. A team of experts is selected from the experienced engineers for the implementation of a given contract for the needs of each project. Thanks to their extensive experience, the company’s employees can provide comprehensive project implementation services.