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The company Marine Infrastructure & Engineering Projects Ltd. (MIEP) was founded to undertake and implement projects related to the maritime infrastructure and the fuel and gas industry on the international market.

MIEP belongs to the Polish ASE Technology Group of engineering companies managed and owned by Automatic Systems Engineering Ltd.

We offer our clients comprehensive technological solutions, starting from security analysis and project feasibility studies, through design and supervision, construction services as well as maintenance and technical support. The provision of these services is possible because the ASE Technology Group consists of several branches employing over 200 experienced engineers specializing in various fields ranging from the fuel and gas sector and refineries through the petrochemical sector to specialists from general engineering industries as well as maritime infrastructure.

The MIEP company was created to provide services in the field of maritime engineering to selected clients in Nigeria and other West African countries. A team of experts is selected from the experienced engineers for the implementation of a given contract for the needs of each project.

Thanks to their extensive experience, the company’s employees can provide comprehensive project implementation services in the following ranges:

  • Conceptual engineering
  • Project feasibility study
  • Acquiring technology
  • Project management
  • Design engineering
  • Orders and delivery of equipment and materials
  • Management and supervision of construction projects
  • Picking

The company is able to undertake the above services in any combination, including overall turnkey investments. Services provided by the company include a full range of hydrotechnical projects, from the optimization of the scope of activities, through geotechnical assessment, to design and construction management. Currently, MIEP is conducting a project called “Conceptual design of the Koko-Nigeria fuel terminal” commissioned by Network Oil & Gas

“For the needs of each project, a special team is selected from the company’s experienced engineers to carry out the contract efficiently.”

Nigeria Ltd. The scope of activities related to this project include:

  • Creating port layout variants
  • Creating a product storage program for the fuel base
  • Determining the requirements for the employment of employees in the fuel base and port
  • Defining navigation conditions
  • Creating a conceptual design of buildings inside the port
  • Suggestions for providing water for the port
  • Proposed solutions for the sewage and storm sewer system
  • Proposals for energy supply methods and their analysis
  • Determining the conditions for placing the tank and other objects inside the port
  • Proposals for the construction of loading and unloading platforms
  • Proposals for technical equipment of the port
  • Three-dimensional visualizations of the terminal
  • Proposals for port development and construction of roads inside and outside the port